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Eli’s time passing?

Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Josh All and Baker Mayfield. Those are the top five quarterbacks who are expected to declare for the 2018 NFL Draft. The question that comes with these quarterbacks is which one of these talented arms will become Eli Manning’s successor when he is ready to hang it up? It is truly amazing how time really flies. It seems like just the other day when the New York Giants swapped quarterbacks with the then-San Diego Chargers with the Giants receiving Eli Manning and the Chargers getting Philip Rivers. For the most part, it is safe to say although both quarterbacks are considered top ten in the NFL today, Manning has the clear edge over Rivers because he has the two Super Bowl Championship rings.

Fast-forward to the present and there has been many whispers and rumors of Eli Manning’s name in trade talks and many sources in belief that his best days are now behind him. It will be sort of unfair to blame Eli for the Giants current 2-8 last-place record. After all, the team has been decimated with injuries to both the offense and defense including season-ending injuries to top wideout Odell Beckham, Jr. and Brandon Marshall. Injuries should not be thrown in as an excuse, but come on, who can really replace a talent like Beckham, Jr.? In his 13-year tenure as the Giants QB, this has probably been his toughest year ever. Manning has thrown for 2,093 yards with a touchdown/interception ratio of 14 to 6. He may not be posting up video game-like numbers, but considering his offensive line has not done the greatest job of protecting him in the pocket and him not having a consistent running game as well as an inexperienced receiving core, Manning is still a quality NFL quarterback.

The downside is the fact that he is 36 years old. With their losing record being as bad as it is at the moment, it is hard to believe that the Giants are not thinking about the future. With this draft class being so quarterback-friendly, how can the “G-men” pass up on one of these quarterbacks? Whether it be to hold a clipboard for a few years and learn from the veteran Manning or the organization coming to the realization of life after Eli. It is sure to be an off-season full of questions surrounding Manning and his future with the Giants.

Sports Notes: (2017 PSAL State Tournament) Playoff matchups (2nd round). #1Erasmus Hall vs. #2 Bayside, #3 Eagle Academy vs. #4 Midwood, #5 Tottenville vs. #6 New Dorp, #7 South Shore vs. #9 Flushing. (NFL Football on Thanksgiving) Vikings vs. Lions @12:30PM, Chargers vs. Cowboys @4:30PM, Giants vs. Redskins @ 8:30PM. On behalf of myself and everyone here at Our Time Press, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


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