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Education Beat: Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development is launching its very first rowing club.

Nine scholars have signed up so far to work with the Village Community Boathouse who introduces young people interested in the sport. The club meets weekly at the Brooklyn Navy Yards where they are educated on rowing terms and team building skills. The scholars are also engaged in a safe clean-up project along the waterway of the Navy Yards.

The club aims to compete in Spring 2012, but also will learn how to put together their boats from scratch. The following are a just a few of the terms that the club is getting familiar with, and challenge yourself to see how many terms you are knowledgeable of!
The parts of the boat include: hull, bow, stern, keel, keelson, gunwales, thwarts, rudder, yoke, pintle, gudgeon, thole pin & ring, floorboards, stretcher, and gunwales. The oars include: collar, leathers, handles, and the blade/spoons.

There are only two positions for each team; the coxswain and the stroke. The coxswain is the person in charge of a boat, particularly its navigation and steering, while the stroke is the person(s) who make the oar motions on the boat.
– J. Higgins, BBAHS Community Coordinator

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