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Brown Memorial Baptist Church Works its Mission “In the Street”,  Saturday, August 18, 2012, Noon to 5pm

Historic Brown Memorial Baptist Church, always on the cutting edge of working solutions for a range of issues impacting the community — from health and education to youth empowerment and senior services, hosts its annual Community Outreach Free Street Fair, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 12:00noon to 5:00pm at 484 Washington, between Gates and Fulton, Brooklyn, NY.


Presented in conjunction with its Brown Community Development Corporation, the FREE event embraces the church mission of empowering individuals and families through “inclusive, active fellowship and evangelism,” says Trustee Board Chair Shendora Pridgen, who also is the church’s Trustee Board Chair.


“The purpose of the annual community fair is simple,” she says.  “We want to continuously connect with the community and provide access to information vital to its stability. Our mission is constant and so is our commitment.  The historic doors of Brown are open to the community, just as our continuous programs are available to the public all year-round.”



The day is designed to be a “family reunion” of sorts, with food, games, giveaways and other activities. Children of all ages can receive free school supplies as well as participate in face painting and basketball competitions. The day also includes a full lineup of live entertainment. Inspirational entertainers from across the metropolitan area perform at the fair including Brown’s choirs and music by Entertainment Integrators.


Representatives from various organizations and agencies from health, legal and education will be on hand to speak with community residents and to provide informational resources. Brooklyn residents will also be exposed to the various community services offered at Brown exclusively, including its dynamic HIV-AIDS monthly programs, impacting hundreds of residents throughout the year; the Boy Scout, Girl Scout and MLK, JR. After-School program – “all of which,” Ms. Pridgen says, “is available for membership to anyone in the Brooklyn community.”



In addition to other activities and informational resources, free clothing will be available from the Brown Senior Missionary Society to anyone in need.  Transp: C to Clinton Washington. For more information, contact:  718-638-6121


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