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An earthquake, a tsunami and now with multiple nuclear catastrophes, Japan is suffering unlike any other nation before. The release of radioactivity across the country  is an environmental disaster several magnitudes above the Gulf oil spill.

Renown physicist Dr. Michio Kaku said this could be a “Chernobyl in the making” and it is something that makes you start “thinking the unthinkable” because “they don’t know what the core damage is.”  If there is core damage, then God help us all.

If left unchecked, and we’ve seen how long it took to stop the leak in the Gulf and to rescue the men from the Chilean mine, this release of various forms of radiation, which is already emptying one of the largest cities in the world, will rise to the jet stream and inevitably come stateside and while much of it will dissipate, it will begin to cover the country and then the rest of the world in an inescapable cloud with health consequences for generations to come.

As of Wednesday, they have had six nuclear releasing incidents at this plant.  When you think the unthinkable, and I’ll bet that’s what Obama is being advised on now, then you know that stopping this radiation plume dwarfs all other priorities, because the future of mankind as we currently know it, and more specifically my grandchildren, cannot be left to the Tokyo Electric and Power Company and their remaining courageous staff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility on the Northeastern coast of Japan.
Attempts to get water to cool and cover exposed pile of spent rods have failed, as the radiation levels were too high to do it safely.  The U.S. Navy fleet is already positioning itself defensively based on how the wind is blowing with particles from the plant.

If all of the facility’s systems have been compromised to the point where the workers cannot bring any cooling water to the reactors and onto the spent fuel rods,
Like working on the sea floor, capping technicians will be relying on what was once science fiction, multiple robotic capabilities, perhaps even including robotic helicopters equipped to heavy-lift water tanks with a solution that is antithetical to the nuclear reaction of those damn fuel rods.


This could be a good time to revisit the Gaia hypothesis and view the earth as a common organism, and be as a living part of it, getting our energy from the sun, wind, tide and inner core.  We have been warned three times in a year that this constant seeking of carbon and nuclear energy will not be tolerated.   There is a reason coal and oil are sequestered.  There is a reason elements like cesium are rare.   They are toxic, we’ve known it, now we’re paying the price.  In the future, we’re going to learn to live within our natural energy means.