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WHAT’S GOING ON By Victoria Horsford

THE 2016 ELECTIONS On November 8, we will know if God continues to bless America. A week ago, polls projected a double-digit Hillary Clinton lead over Donald Trump. By Halloween, polls project that they are in a statistical dead heat. By October 31st, about 23 million Americans, 25% of the electorate, have voted. According to […]readmore

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Friday, Feb. 4 7:00PM PARLIAMENT DEM CLUB Presents U.S. REP. EDOLPHUS TOWNS 7pm: Parliament Democratic Club will host a meet-and-speak with Cong. Towns, 10th CD,  reporting on what’s happening on the federal level that’s directly impacting the Central Brooklyn community.  All are welcome with refreshments included. 18 Putnam Avenue/Grand Ave. Saturday, Feb. 5 SAY IT […]readmore

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"Cathie Black Must Go!" Lawsuit and Protests Begin

by Amadi Ajamu The fight against Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor-designee Cathie Black  will be waged in the streets and in the courts. Freedom Party leaders laid out their “plan of action” at Sistas’ Place Coffee House in Brooklyn on Monday evening. The standing-room only crowd of concerned parents, grandparents, educators, clergy, activists, lawyers and others […]readmore