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Police Beat

77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights
Slick robbery
A thief allegedly left no traces after burglarizing a man’s apartment on Feb. 20, police said.
The 32-year-old victim said he came home to his Grand Avenue apartment around 1 pm to find his Mac Book Pro computer missing. There were no signs of forced entry.
Police are investigating the incident.

Early morning mugging
Three thugs knocked a man out and stole his wallet in the early morning hours of Feb. 22, police said.
The 45-year-old victim was walking home and on the southeast corner of Lincoln Place and Classon Avenue when the perpetrators approached him from behind and one conked him on the head with an unknown object knocking him out. When the victim regained consciousness his wallet was missing.
The victim was taken to Interfaith Hospital with a laceration to the head, where he was treated and released.

Bathroom break larceny
Three youths swiped a Mac Book Pro computer from a coffee shop on Feb. 25 while the victim used the bathroom, police said.
The 35-year-old victim was eating at the Glass Shop Coffee Shop, 766 Classon Avenue at about 4:30 pm, when he used the bathroom. When he came back both the computer and the perpetrators were gone.
Domestic violence arrest
A 58-year-old man was arrested on Feb. 25 after beating and strangling his 51-year-old girlfriend unconscious, police said.
The woman was attacked after returning to their apartment with groceries. The perpetrator punched the victim several times before strangling her with her scarf until she lost consciousness.
She was taken to Kings County Hospital and is expected to recover.
Be careful of who you meet
A chance encounter on Feb. 26 led to an unknown man robbing a 29-year-old woman, police said.
The victim told police she met the perpetrator in Manhattan and the two took a cab back to Brooklyn at about 5:15 am. When the two arrived on Franklin Avenue the thug threw the victim to the ground several times and robbed her of her cell phone.
Responding police called the cell phone number and the man said he would give it back for $300, but the exchange was never made to foster an arrest.
Police are continuing to investigate the incident.
Car theft
A 42-year-old woman had her 2000 Dodge van swiped on Feb. 23, police said.
The victim parked her van in front of 145 Albany Avenue and took the keys with her. When she returned at about 11:42 pm, the auto was gone.
Police are investigating.
Store burglarized
A bodega was burglarized on Feb. 24, police said.
The owner of the bodega, located at 172 Schenectady Avenue, closed the store at about 10 pm and came back the next morning to find the side door open.
The burglars allegedly used this entrance to go downstairs, clip the alarm wires and enter the store. They escaped with the store computer along with postage stamps, more than $1,000 in cigarettes, phone cards and $150 in cash.
79th Precinct covering Bedford-Stuyvesant
Cell phone store robbed
Two thugs robbed a cell phone store at gunpoint on Feb. 21, police said.
The male perpetrators walked into the store at about 2:30 pm and one displayed a black handgun and removed money from the register.
The bandits then took off towards the Lafayette Gardens Housing development.
Police continue to investigate the incident.
Bodega robbed at gunpoint
Three gun-wielding thugs held up a bodega on Feb. 25, police said.
The three came into the store at about 2:10 pm and one produced a black handgun and demanded money.
The perpetrators then fled in a white Dodge with about $1,200 in stolen loot.
Police continue to investigate the incident.
Auto break-in
A car window was shattered and personal property taken on Feb. 27, police said.
The break-in occurred at about 1 am while the car was parked in front of 210 Lefferts Place.
The incident remains under investigation.
81st Precinct covering Stuyvesant Heights
Man shot in leg
A 16-year-old youth was shot once in the leg on Feb. 25, police said.
The gunplay occurred at about 1:30 am inside of 307 Reid Avenue. The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital.
Police sources said the victim was very uncooperative and the investigation into the shooting continues.
88th Precinct covering Fort Greene/Clinton Hill
Car break- in
Unknown thieves or one thief are responsible for a car break-in on Feb. 27, police said.
The car was parked in front of 37 Grand Avenue and the break-in occurred at about 11:30 pm. The rear window was broken and about $700 worth of items including a GPS were stolen.
Police continue to investigate the incident.
Victim turns tables on thugs
A 26-year-old victim managed to turn the tables on two thugs on Feb. 24, police said.
The victim was riding the C train at about 9:50 pm when the perpetrators approached him near the Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue stop.
The first perpetrator approached the victim demanding his phone while the second thug acted as a lookout.
The first thug then punched the victim in the face and took out a knife. The victim fought back and wrestled the knife out of the thug’s hand, but in doing so, was also cut on the hands.
In the ruckus, the second thug grabbed the cell phone and the two fled, with the victim in pursuit. Once on the street, the victim flagged down cops who arrested an 18-year-old with the phone.
The second perpetrator is still wanted.
Elderly woman mugged
A heartless punk attempted to mug a 73-year-old woman on Feb. 25, police said.
The woman was walking in front of 179 Saint James Place when she was pushed to the ground and the mugger tried unsuccessfully to take her purse.
The woman was taken to Brooklyn Hospital and is expected to recover.
Beaten with weights
A 59-year-old man was arrested for beating a 48-year-old man with weights on Feb. 23, police said.
The two got into a verbal dispute at about 11 am inside 105 Carlton Avenue when the perpetrator hit the victim twice with the weights causing significant swelling and a laceration to the forehead.
The victim was taken to Brooklyn Hospital and is expected to recover.
Domestic robbery
A man punched and stole an ex-lover’s cell phone on Feb. 22, police said.
The 46-year-old victim was walking home at about 8 am when the 47-year-old perpetrator approached her in front of 56 North Oxford Walk and asked her where she had been all night. The two have kids together. He then punched her and took her phone.
Police arrested the man.
Bad allergies
A 38-year-old man was arrested after trying to steal nine boxes of Claritin allergy medication from Target on Feb. 21, police said.
Security and cops tried to stop the man from leaving the store at about 4 pm and a brawl ensued before the man was finally brought under control and collared.