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–77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights
Marijuana felony bust
A man was arrested on felony charges for tampering with physical evidence after he tried to destroy the marijuana cigarette he was smoking on April 26, police said.
The 47-year-old was smoking the joint at 1:19 pm on the southeast corner of Franklin and Atlantic Avenues when cops observed him. When they approached the suspect, he ripped the joint up but police were able to recover a small amount of the weed and make the bust.
The arrest involving marijuana was one of at least seven in the Crown Heights section of the precinct in the last week. It was the only one that warranted a felony charge as the others were all misdemeanors.

Burglary for nothing
An unknown thug gained entrance into a three-family house on April 26, but apparently left with nothing, police said.
The suspect kicked in the front door and then broke into one of the apartments. The victim reported it to the police, but said nothing was taken.

Car break-in and theft
Two incidents on April 29 near each other on Bergen Street resulted in one car being broken into and another stolen, police said.
The first incident occurred at 12:45 pm in front of 925 Bergen Street when an unknown perpetrator broke into a parked car and escaped with $540 in cash and gift cards.
Fifteen minutes later, a 26-year-old woman reported her 2006 Audi stolen from in front of 924 Bergen Street.
Police are investigating the two incidents.

Basement burglary
A sneaky thief made off with $6,700 worth of TVs and computers on April 28, police said.
The burglar entered a residential apartment through the basement at 1039 Bergen Street.

Crack bust
A crack dealer and his customer were arrested shortly after the transaction on April 31, police said.
Members of the street narcotics enforcement unit (SNEU) made the bust at 4 pm on the northwest corner of Pacific Street and Kingston Avenue.
The crack dealer was a 39-year-old man. His customer was a 50-year-old man.


Woman assaulted
A 31-year-old woman was nabbed for smashing a wine glass in another woman’s face on April 30, police said.
The assault occurred shortly after 11 pm inside an apartment at 1340 Bergen Street. The 32-year-old victim was treated for a deep laceration to the lip.

Domestic strangulation
A 52-year-old man was nabbed for nearly killing his girlfriend on May 1, police said.
The two began arguing at 9:30 am inside 1338 Sterling Place when the cowardly thug began to strangle the 49-year-old victim after he thought she would leave him. The victim said she couldn’t breathe and the thug kept shouting, “Today is the day I’m going to kill you.”
After being slammed into a wall, the victim managed to slip away to a corner supermarket and police were called.
As the woman beater was being led away, officers reported the perpetrator saying, “I won’t be in jail forever. I’ll get out and finish the job I started.”

Gun arrests
Four men were arrested on May 1 after police stopped a car and found a gun in it.
Police stopped the car at 8:15 pm on the southwest corner of Pacific Street and Troy Avenue.
Besides recovering a loaded 9-millimeter Smith and Wesson gun, cops also recovered an unspecified amount of marijuana.

79th Precinct covering Bedford-Stuyvesant
Shot dead
A 21-year-old man was shot multiple times and killed on April 28, police said.
The murder occurred at 7:45 pm in front of 456 DeKalb Avenue in the Lafayette Gardens public housing development.
It was the second shooting death in recent weeks in the complex, which has also seen a serious stabbing.
The motive for the latest shooting death is still being investigated and no arrests have been made.

Gunpoint robbery
A cab driver was robbed at gunpoint on April 28, police said.
The victim said he picked up the male suspect on the corner of Church and Rogers Avenues and drove him to Lexington and Marcy Avenues.
The perpetrator pulled out the gun at 2:10 am and stole $68 before fleeing on foot.


Mugged for iphone
Five men jumped a man on April 27 and escaped with his iphone, police said.
The 23-year-old victim was walking at 9:35 pm on Willoughby Avenue near Taffee Place when the mugging took place.

81st Precinct covering Stuyvesant Heights
Store robbed
Two thugs stuck up a Metro PCS store on April 28, police said.
The crooks entered the store at 3 pm wearing hooded sweatshirts. One of the thieves displayed a firearm while the other reached in the cash register and removed $1,500.
The pair then fled and the case remains under investigation.

88th Precinct covering Fort Greene/Clinton Hill
Mom assaulted
A 43-year-old man strangled and beat his 77-year-old mother on April 24, police said.
The victim said the son started to choke her at about 11 pm in 115 Ashland Avenue after she wouldn’t let him to take some personal papers.
The heartless thug then slammed his mother down. She later found out she fractured a bone from the fall.

Woman mugged
Three men mugged a woman on April 21, police said.
The 24-year-old victim was walking at 8:30 pm on the southeast corner of 4th and Atlantic avenues when she was attacked from behind.
The thugs then escaped with the victims Ipod, $80 in cash and her passport.

Cars break ins
Several cars were broken into during the last week, police said.
This includes a car parked on the northeast corner of Flushing Avenue and Navy St. at 3:40 pm, on April 26. Thieves entered by breaking the rear passenger side window.
They escaped with a Cisco router worth $2,000.
A car parked on the southwest corner of Willoughby Avenue and Ashland Place at 10 am, April 27. The thieves entered by busting the rear side window and escaped with $1,470 in valuables.
A commercial van parked opposite 166 Washington Avenue  April 27. The thieves broke the front driver’s side lock and escaped with $1,369 in cash.
A car parked in front of 208 Vanderbilt Avenue at 8:20 pm, April 30. Thieves took a pocketbook under the seat.


Cell phone taken
A thief grabbed a woman’s cell phone on the subway on April 27, police said.
The victim was on her cell phone at 10:05 am when the brazen crook grabbed the phone as the G train which she was riding stopped at Classon Avenue.
The suspect then fled and was followed by a witness. The witness said he lost the perpetrator after he entered the Lafayette Gardens housing development.