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Dr. William Pollard: At it Again



Do you Know Dr. William Pollard?

Dr. William Pollard is the newly appointed President of Medgar Evers College. His actions have been brought to our attention several times during the past year and I think the community needs to contemplate his dismissal.
It was brought to our attention in February that Pollard secretly moved the MEC student graduation to BAM and away from the campus and our community. The students staged a one-day protest and suddenly Dr. Pollard had a change of heart. Recently, Dr. Pollard cancelled a million dollar program to bring young Black male ex-offenders to Medgar Evers College and expressed his dislike for the cliental and personnel.
At the recent graduation (June 5th, 2010) he limited the remarks of all local elected officials to two minutes. What an Insult! Dr. Pollard must not realize that this college came into existence as a result of community protest. The community (elected officials as a part) had fought for this college and we would not let any outsider change the direction of Medgar Evers College.
The final insult of Dr. Pollard was the cancellation of the annual Jazzy Jazz Festival, a 14-year old institution started by the Late Dr. Mary Umolu. This program brought music to our community every Friday night during the long hot summer.
But because of constant community pressure, the MEC Administration has relented and the Jazzy Jazz Festival will begin its 14th year on Friday, July 16th, 2010. Let’s have a great community turnout and we will keep you updated on our negotiations with MEC Administrators including its infamous President Dr. William Pollard.
By Jitu Weusi