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Council Member Williams’ Statement On Bloomberg Administration’s Resistance To Increasing Anti-gun Violence Funding

BROOKLYN, NY, August 1, 2012: Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn), co-chair of the Task Force to Combat Gun Violence, released the following statement in response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s dismissal of a proposal by black elected officials to increase funding for community groups working on anti-gun violence measures in neighborhoods besieged by bloodshed. “I am disappointed that the Administration would communicate that they would not give greater consideration at this time for increasing government support for organizations that are on the ground in our most at-risk communities trying to turn the tide against gun violence. These are some of our greatest community leaders, working on a shoestring budget in the hopes of reaching our youth, keeping the peace and advancing positive alternatives to violent behavior. Programs like Operation Conversation, which Administration officials such as Commissioner Kelly actively support, do important work. The only thing holding them back from having a greater impact is a lack of resources. “This crisis needs a multipronged solution, one of which being a boost in the funding to these non-profit service providers. I know the Administration shares the same goals as I do in reducing gun violence, and that is why I am hopeful they will reconsider and work with the Task Force and I to provide greater support that will allow community groups to cover more turf next summer and hopefully save more lives.”

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