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Blacks Lost Repeatedly in 2007

By Alton Maddox
On Friday, December 21, 2007, the Congressional Black Caucus finally called on Gov. Kathleen Blanco, a lame duck, to pardon the Jena 6.  Forty percent of Blanco’s vote came from the Black community.  Blanco leaves office on January 14, 2008.  Pardons should be issued to avoid miscarriages of justice.  What happened to double jeopardy?
Black leaders, who led the September 20 march in Jena, LA, still remain mute.  This was a media event with no demands on any branch of government.  The march around the Justice Department was a pre-emptive strike to scare off a grand jury investigation in New York.  It had no relationship to Jena 6.  But for the belated demand of the CBC for pardons, the Jena 6 is history.
Black leaders erroneously described Don Imus sabbatical as a firing.  A firing includes a complete loss of compensation of any kind coupled with whiteballing.  Imus received $20 million and is enjoying a new contract entitling him to millions of dollars.  Today, everyone is trying to get fired.
On Saturday, December 23, 2007, a virtually all-white jury in Suffolk County, NY ruled that slavery is still in effect.  John White faces up to 15 years in prison for protecting his family and his home against white marauders.  A Black residence, in New York, is still considered slave quarters.  Minoo Southgate sought unsuccessfully to enter the Slave Theaterby claiming that she believed it was the Slave Quarters.
The New York City Council voted on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 that Columbia University could expand its space even if it meant destroying Black culture in Harlem.  Twenty-five members of the fifty-one-person council are Black, Latino or Asian.  Most of them sided with Columbia.  As we elect more Blacks to political offices, our condition is worsening.
Three police assassins, in killing Sean Bell, committed a crime against humanity but the Queens County district attorney’s office only asked a grand jury, in 2007, for a manslaughter indictment replete with so many holes that you could drive a tank through it.  These assassins have already fled the criminal justice system and Blacks are confusing shadows with bodies.

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