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Accused Triple-Slay Killer Arrested

Dwayne Erskine was arrested on Sat., June 23 for the murders of Michael Robinson, 21, Delroy Gumbs, 19 and Brandon Graves, 16.
An alleged encounter with Erskine left all three dead, shot with a .45. Two were DOA at Brookdale Hospital, one died in the after arrival at the hospital.
The killings took place on the stoop of 40 Lott Ave. on June 5 at 11:55pm.
Erskine, 18, was charged with three counts of murder and criminal possession of a weapon, a .45 automatic.
Erskine’s intentions were unknown; however the NYPD characterizes the killings as “senseless.”
The entire community was outraged. The three young men all lived within a block and a half of each other.
Despite the “don’t snitch” strategy of a few, outraged community residents cooperated with the police by providing information.
A source reports Erskine “turned himself in.” The presence of a Crime Stopper van and pressure from the community apparently led Erskine to turn himself in.
Karen Dial, mother of Brandon Graves, wants to have NYPD cameras installed on that block, “so it won’t happen to any other kid.”
Councilman Charles Barron is working with the families, community groups, block associations and churches to organize a meeting in early July in response to the shooting. The purpose of that meeting is twofold: 1) prepare a request to Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Maddrey, Commanding Officer of the 73rd Precinct, for the installation of an NYPD surveillance camera to be placed on the block of the killings, and 2) to organize community patrols.
These efforts and others are to stop the violence in that Brownsville area, something we all support.
For information regarding the date and time of the upcoming community meeting, contact Kevin McCall, Asst. Deputy Chief of Staff, at Councilman Barron’s district office,718-649-9495.
               Mary AliceMiller

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