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Scottsboro Boys Minstrel Show on Broadway Closes
by Amadi Ajamu

The final performances of the Scottsboro Boys Broadway production will be held on December 12, 2010.  After weekly protests led by the Freedom Party, renowned producers John Kander and Susan Stroman had to lower the curtains and go to Black. Sources familiar with the show have said the show has been losing over $300,000 a week and could not continue.

Scottsboro Boys, the Broadway minstrel comedy show depicting the 1930’s racist miscarriage of justice, propelled the Freedom Party to direct and immediate action. Party members and allies held several protest rallies in front of the Lyceum Theater during weekend matinee performances.
“This minstrel makes a mockery of a racist judicial travesty with total disregard for the humanity and suffering of the young men that mars the history of the United States then and now. Cite the ongoing struggle for justice and reparations for Central Park 5, 1989. Five teenage boys who served up to 15 years in prison for a rape of a white female Wall Street broker they did not commit,” said Omowale Clay, Freedom Party spokesperson.

“We could not stand by and allow this show to continue without standing up in resistance. It is an atrocity and should and we are elated that it will close on December 12th.”

Several media critics including writers for the New York Amsterdam News and the New York Times have concurred that the throwback to the 1800’s was offensive and disgraceful.