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James Black Jr. King of Chessboard: Bed Stuy Youth wins national chess tourney Updated

🕔11:12, 9.Jun 2011

It’s morning at I.S. 318 on Walton Street in Williamsburg and James Black, Jr., 12, looked across the chessboard at his opponent, coach Elizabeth Vicray, and hit the timer with his right hand. “Checkmate,” he said, smiling. And so went

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C-Warrants Can Be Cleared on April 22, 23 at Antioch Baptist Church Updated

🕔10:37, 31.Mar 2011

A new slant on a federal program will soon offer a two-day opportunity for Brooklyn residents to purge the record of any outstanding petty summonses and summons warrants. Project Safe Surrender (PSS) is a pilot community program that will come

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Sports: A Slice of Brooklyn Updated

🕔09:50, 31.Mar 2011

I’ve been told by many Our Time Press readers, that I don’t cover the team that is on their way to Brooklyn as much as I should so, if you ask, you shall receive. A couple of weeks back, I’ve

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Police Beat Updated

🕔09:42, 31.Mar 2011

77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Burglar hits apartment A sneaky burglar entered an apartment, o  March 28 and got away with over $6,000 in goods, police said. The 47-year-old victim discovered the burglary when she arrived at

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At Wit’s End: The political animal that is Hakeem Jeffries Updated

🕔09:38, 31.Mar 2011

Give me a reformer politician today and I’ll show you the entrenched and powerful politician of tomorrow. At least that’s my hunch when it comes to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. In many ways, Jeffries came in on the back of the

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Marijuana Busts Targets Communities of Color. Low-level Pot Busts of Youths Leads City in Cause of Arrests Updated

🕔09:37, 31.Mar 2011

The city’s police department’s stop and frisk policy is sending thousands of young people of color through the penal system for minor marijuana arrests, according to a recently released study. The Drug Policy Alliance report found that there were 50,383

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Young Black Men Hit Hardest in Recession Updated

🕔09:37, 31.Mar 2011

Community Service Society Report Only one in four young black men in New York City has a job, according to a report released by the Community Service Society of New York. The report, “Unemployment in New York City During the

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Fallout from Boyland Jr. Federal Complaint Updated

🕔09:36, 31.Mar 2011

Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. has been quiet since the bombshell revelation of allegations that he had been working as a consultant for Brookdale Hospital while simultaneously using his legislative position to advocate for the hospital complex. Duly elected by the

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Young Chefs Salute Women Achievers

Young Chefs Salute Women Achievers Updated

🕔09:34, 31.Mar 2011

Herbert Von King Park Cultural Arts Center’s Culinary Program, founded and sustained by volunteer Charlotte Mial, honored phenomenal women of New York for the fourth consecutive year, during March Women’s History awards ceremony and brunch, last week (25). Ms. Mial

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March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011 Updated

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