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What’s Going On – 11/10

Americans survived a predicted Red wave during the November 8 Midterms. The voting calendar was busy and included 435 Congressional races, 35 US Senate races, 35 US Senate races, and 36 Gubernatorial races, including in New York. More than 44 million early ballots were cast. Election cognoscenti argue that the fate of the nations will be decided by nine battleground states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, many states with sizable Black populations. On 11/9, many US Senate and Congressional contests were too close to call. Georgia’s US Senate rivals, Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker, will face a runoff December 6th.
New Yorkers had the jitters when learning that Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul no longer enjoyed a wide lead over her GOP opponent, Zeldin, a Trump loyalist who had Florida’s Ron DeSantis come to NY to stomp for him. Governor Hochul won, making history as the first woman elected NYS Governor.
The NYS Senate did not have a supermajority.
Democrat Wes Moore, Rhodes Scholar, author, and thought leader, who headed New York’s Robin Hood Foundation, makes history as the first African American elected governor of Maryland. Democrat Congress member Karen Bass ran against billionaire developer for Los Angeles Mayor. The race is too close to call.

Olusegun Obasanjo

ETHIOPIA: The Ethiopian government and Tigrayan rebels reached a truce after a brutal two-year civil war that claimed more than half a million lives. Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo played a significant role in the truce negotiation.

FYI: African countries with dual citizenships: If you want to consider being an expatriate until 2024. Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Morocco, Burundi, Benin, and Cote Ivoire.
Congratulations to New York Marathon winners Kenyans Evans Chebet, whose running time was 2:08:41, and Sharon Lokedi, whose running time was 2:23:23.

NY Times journalist Emily Flitter’s book, “THE WHITE WALL: How Big Finance Bankrupts Black America,” is a well-researched examination, which should be required reading for those interested in circumventing obstacles to Black wealth, a WGO obsession. The J.P. Morgan Chase Bank committed $30 billion towards closing the racial wealth gap after the murder of African American George Floyd in Minnesota in 2020 and the social justice fever that swept through America. Citibank and Bank of America pledged $1 billion each to close the racial wealth gap. Who is monitoring the banks’ pledges and success? THE WHITE WALL exposes the historical origins of relationships and solutions for a cure.

It was rumored that billionaire businessmen Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z are entertaining a bid to acquire the Washington Commanders, a National Football League, NFL, franchise. Actor Matthew McConaughey, who once eyed the 2022 Texas Governor’s mansion, is expected to join the duo. This story has legs.

It is also rumored that former United States President Barack Obama is interested in a bid for the Phoenix Suns, a National Basketball Association, Team.
Harlem Restaurant Week 2022 celebrates its 13th Season through November 15. Dine-in/Takeout: includes Best Bites, $10, Lunch 25, Dinner, $35. Some participants include Lolo’s Seafood, Red Rooster, Sylvia’s Ponty Bistro Harlem, Dinosaur BBQ, Harlem Hookah, and The Porch. Visit

Author/journalist Tiffany Cross is out at MSNBC-TV. She is labeled the most racist media person on TV by Tucker Carlson, the dean of Fox TV News racism. How can the most conservative media outfit in America be responsible for the ouster of a Black woman at one of America’s most progressive media outlets? Talk about what psychologists call “projection.” News of the Cross ouster was published in Variety. There was no info from MSNBC, whose president Rashida Jones is African American. Nor from Tiffany Cross. One story in circulation is her talk about America’s political system on the Charlemagne tha god Breakfast Club show. Charlemagne says that the Democrats can afford to lose some seats. Tiffany responds with her perception of Florida as a sick state. The right assailed Cross because she called attention to the NFL Dolphins’ decision to allow a quarterback of color to play a few days after suffering a head injury and experiencing a second head injury on the field. Cross has Far Right detractors, upset with her conversations on and off the air. She also has legions of TV fans. She made the Ebony Magazine 100 Blacks 2022 club!
A group of Black leaders has requested an audience with MSNBC brass to discuss the Cross ouster.

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