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Black History

Black History2 days ago

Alton Maddox in Poughkeepsie

Reprints of excerpts from OTP’s 44-page Evidence Concealed, Now Revealedaward-winning feature published in 1998 About the Tawana Brawley case, resumes...

Black History4 weeks ago

Ahead of Her Time: Chisholm Fought for Women’s Reproductive Rights

By Barbara BullardMany politicians would say that Shirley Chisholm inspired them to run for office or seek a career in...

Black History1 month ago


“His unwavering commitment to fighting for the freedom and rights of Black people leftan undeniable impact on the City of...

Black History1 month ago

Maddox and Belafonte,Warriors For Justice, Pass

Two of our warriors have transitioned. Alton Maddox and Harry Belafonte fought on different fronts, requiring different skills and different...

Black History2 months ago

EBONICS: Its Origins and Significance

In 1996, the Oakland School Board started a furor by recognizing Ebonics as the primary language of African American children...

Black History2 months ago

Love and Brilliance Shining Bright: Kwame Brathwaite January 1, 1938 – April 1, 2023

By Maitefa Angaza He was born on January 1, 1938 and became an ancestor on April 1, 2023.  The tributes...

Black History3 months ago

Women Leading Movements

Remembering Elsie Richardson … Our Time Press launches their March 9 – 30 Womens History Month Phenomenal Women series this...

Black History3 months ago

Not Forgotten

Legislation for Establishment of African Burial Ground Museum and Education Center Reintroduced by Bernice Elizabeth Green Congressman Dan Goldman (D-10)...

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