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St. Andrew’s Playground encompasses a full-square block of basketball and handball courts, playground area and a half-block expanse with 2 softball fields.  Bounded south and north by Atlantic Avenue and Herkimer Street and east/west by Kingston Avenue and St. Andrews Place, the expansive ballfields also provides space for school field days and was memorably used in the ‘60s for regular evening practice by Brooklyn Drum and Bugle Corps groups.  

St. Andrew’s Playground

The October 5th, 2019 It’s My Park Day Project was spearheaded by the Mid-Bedford Heights Lion’s Club in collaboration with the Friends of St. Andrew’s Playground, brought together by Ms. Veronica Cromwell, a member of both organizations. 

Partnerships for Parks supports Itís My Park Day projects year-round, and we invite active community groups currently working with a Partnerships for Parks Outreach Coordinator or Catalyst Organizer to apply to host projects throughout the season. 

PfP provides Itís My Park Day project leaders with project planning support, supplies, and promotional materials for approved projects. Itís My Park Day projects allow community members to participate in the care and upkeep of their local parks.†

Partnerships for†Parks and the Friends of St. Andrew’s Playground Park Group invites community members to join the group and share ideas about what they would like to see in a park group and how parks could be used to better serve the community at large. All ages, genders and abilities are welcomed to join!

If you would like to be involved contact Dalaeja Foreman at or call 212.602.5341.

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