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Sports: Out of Fuel

By Eddie Castro

This year at the start of training camp, the Jets were again the most talked about team not to win the Super Bowl. It was the same hype they had going into the 2009 campaign (Rex Ryan’s first year as head coach). There were no Super Bowl guarantees made from Ryan as he looks to get his team back on track after a brutal collapse towards the end of last season in which the team didn’t make the playoffs. The Jets are expected to be right there once again with the rival New England Patriots in the AFC East picture.  Miami and Buffalo appear to be in rebuilding mode. Mark Sanchez looks to get it going now in his 4th NFL season after taking a step backwards following two AFC Championship appearances. Even though Sanchez had a career-high in touchdown passes, he had a career-high in interceptions as well as significant fumble issues. Now there is a popular backup in town as Tim Tebow has made his way to the Big Apple looking to help the Jets dominate in their “Wild Cat” formations, something the team did a whole lot of in 2010 with Brad Smith.
Even though the papers as well as ESPN have smothered the Jets all over, their play so far in the preseason has been awful in 3 games. The Jets are the only team at the moment to have not scored a touchdown in the preseason.  Although their defense is expected to be a top five defensive team this year, Tebow and Sanchez are QUARTERBACKS!! There has not been much to be excited about if you’re a Jets fan this preseason. In three preseason games, Sanchez is 24 of 35 (68.6 percent) for 205 yards, NO touchdowns and two interceptions thrown. Tebow’s stats have been just as ugly. Even though he has provided an occasional spark with his running ability, his numbers are about as bad as it gets. He is 13 of 34 (38 percent) for 151 yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions and has been sacked seven times. Tebow is expected to sit out the Jets’ final preseason game against the Eagles, so his quarterback rating will stay right where it is. At this rate, it appears Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov will touchdown in New York before the Jets do.
Nearly two and a half weeks away from kickoff, Rex Ryan must be worried, however, if you ask Sanchez, he says that the team is “saving their best for the regular season.” We only hope that Sanchez speaks the truth and his team will be watched closely throughout the season. The Jets indeed have a good team put together. They still have (arguably) the best cornerback in football in Darelle Revis, and linemen like David Harris lead the defense. The offense will continue to be suspect with a questionable running game, and now two inconsistent quarterbacks to go along with a surprisingly delicate Santonio Holmes and a few rookie receivers. Can this be fixed in time for the first game against the Bills? I know longtime diehard Jet fan “Fireman Ed” sure hopes so as well as Jet fans throughout the nation.
Sports Notes: (Baseball) The Yankees are in a 22-game stretch where they will face American League East opponents. After wrapping up a 3-game set with the Blue Jays at the stadium, the Yankees welcome  the Baltimore Orioles tomorrow to begin a 3-game series. Speculations have been reported that Mets manager Terry Collins’ job was on “thin ice” but, according to Mets management “for now” his job is safe. The team looks to get it going against NL rival Phillies.

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