Phenomenal Women, Resting in Power

Aminisha Black, Fabienne Miranda and Jo Ann Cheatham

Eleven years ago, this month, “stars in the world of media and community service” were honored at Charlotte Mial’s Third Annual March Women’s History Month Awards and Brunch at the Herbert Von King Park Cultural Arts Center in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The event celebrated the achievements of 25 phenomenal women, including journalists, writers, authors, reporters, news publicists, broadcasters and information specialists. Since that time, three have passed. Next April Earth Month 2021, Our Time Press celebrates our ancestors, journalist Frances Aminisha Black, former OTP Parents Notebook columnist who passed February, 2017; publisher Jo Ann Cheatham, Pure Jazz Magazine 2016; and poet Fabienne Miranda, roots reggae artist, teacher, Shaman and co-host, Global Medicine Review, WBAI, December 2013. (BG)

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