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National Grid Employees Give Back

More than 1,000 National Grid employees gave back to their local communities on Monday, September 20 to celebrate a Day of Service across the company’s 26,000-square-mile New York service area. Company employees reaffirmed their spirit of altruism across the state by volunteering at food banks, Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels, as well as stocking student backpacks and food warehouses, supplying PPE, cleaning up neighborhoods and parks, providing STEM education, offering energy affordability solutions, and much more. 
    The initiative is part of Project C, National Grid’s Community Commitment to:
Connect our communities to clean and sustainable energy.
Care for our neighborhoods and their revitalization.
Compassionately address the challenges our customers face, including environmental justice and social equity.
Create the workforce that will help build New York’s clean energy delivery system.
Collaborate with our customers, community partners, stakeholders and so many others to deliver the clean, fair, resilient and affordable energy future.
“We have a long and proud history of giving back to the communities we serve,” said Rudy Wynter, National Grid’s New York president. “My colleagues and I are carrying on that tradition by recommitting to our customers and our neighborhoods. Donating our time, skills, passion and expertise is at the heart of who we are. We’re launching Project C today to ensure we never lose sight of that.”  
Dedicated teams of National Grid colleagues spent months planning and partnering with nonprofit organizations, schools, community centers, parks and other groups to deliver the diverse activities taking place today across the company’s New York footprint.
In the New York Metro area, volunteers are partnering on various cleanups including New York City’s Brookville Park in Queens, Calvert Vaux Park in Coney Island and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Volunteers also will clean and weed tree beds on Bay Street in Downtown Staten Island.
In addition to neighborhood-based events, National Grid is partnering with nonprofit organizations that represent a cross-section of New York’s communities to conduct a letter-writing campaign. Hundreds of employees will write letters of advice, encouragement, unity and solidarity to support a diverse population – from grade school and college students, to rural working families, senior citizens and veterans — to ensure they know they are recognized and valued.
“While this one-day effort provides an opportunity for us to give back on a large scale, our commitment to the communities where we live and work stretches well beyond a single day,” Wynter said. “For example, as part of our companywide Responsible Business Charter, National Grid has committed to achieving 500,000 volunteering hours over the next 10 years. In addition, in New York we contribute more than $5 million annually to community-based organizations through our Corporate Citizenship efforts, including our National Grid Foundation.” 

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