Hillary Trips Trump at Debate

By David Mark Greaves

Hillary Trips Trump at Debate

We watched the debate at that quintessential neighborhood night spot, the Tip Top Bar and Grill on Franklin Avenue. We were the first ones there, and as the debate approached, the place quickly filled to standing-room-only with young white millennials who the U.S. Census reported outnumber baby boomers as a voting bloc. It is said that Mrs. Clinton has a problem with these voters, but those at the Tip Top tried to listen quietly, but they sometimes winced and frequently burst into laughter at Donald Trump’s various misspeaks and antics, while remaining attentive, supportive and relieved when Secretary Clinton spoke. Maybe the millennial generation in Bed-Stuy is different than elsewhere, but Clinton’s perceived lack of support with that age group may not be as serious as some think.

While the minds of most have already been made up, I saw a crack in the armor while talking to a Trump supporter in Troy, NY last weekend. He explained that America needed strong leadership, that Trump has business experience and that Hillary is a liar. I brought up that Trump didn’t want to release his tax returns because he pays no taxes, takes hundreds of millions in tax breaks “and that makes it harder for you and me”. He paused and regretfully said, “I know”.

Based on that anecdotal exchange, I suggest a full ad campaign citing the NY Times article on Trump’s $885 million in tax breaks with images of the properties with cost to the taxpayer alongside. Grand Hyatt Hotel, $359 million; Trump World Tower, $120 million; Riverside Blvd., $332 million. Last image could be Trump’s plane taking off with the words, “Dear Taxpayer, glad you like the plane, you paid for it”. Mix in the debate sound re: his not paying taxes ending with “That makes me smart” and it writes itself.


But seriously, living in a country that would elect Donald Trump as its president, would be like living in a town where the vigilantes have driven off the sheriff, we would have no idea of what to expect. I do know that spending four years listening to that man’s babble, and of having the fate of the nation in his hands is so abhorrent that I can only look with a frightening dread at the steeliness of his 85% support among Republican voters. When thinking of how they could stomach the man and allow him to represent them, I see how fervently they are keeping their eyes on the prize, the Supreme Court.

Securing this last of the checks and balances will put them in control of the nation’s purse and power for generations to come. Once in their hands, some will fill their pockets, while others, believing the South has risen again, will try to turn back time, and between them, cause all hell to truly break loose.

The most important thing to do now is to register and vote and tell everyone you know to do the same.  You will hear this many times in the days before the election: “Vote like your life depends on it.”

Go to the NYC Board of Elections website to register and find your polling place. vote.nyc.ny.us/ Last day to register is Friday, Oct. 14.






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