Day: October 31, 2021


Ancient Groundwater

Why the Water You’re Drinking May Be Thousands of Years Old As surface water diminishes in the Western US, people are drilling deeper wells—and tapping into older groundwater that can take thousands of years to replenish naturally. Marissa GrunesAlan SeltzerKevin M. BefusSome of North America’s groundwater is so old, it fell as rain before humans […]readmore

Health & Wellness

Phthalates in Food Packaging Lead to 100,000 Deaths in U.S.

by Paige BennettA new study has found that chemicals known as phthalates (PFAS) found in plastic food packaging and other consumer goods are killing 91,000 to 107,000 older adults in the U.S. each year.The study, published in Environmental Pollution on Oct.12, 2021, outlines the dangers of phthalates in food packaging, although these chemicals are also found in […]readmore


Temptations: Otis Williams Celebrates 80th Year in NY at City College,

Sends Exclusive Health Message to OTP Readers! Proving beauty’s more than skin-deep, Otis Williams — the only surviving, original member of The Temptations — looks 40, but is about to turn 80!  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and multiple Grammy Award®-winner will be celebrated at City College Center for the Arts  with a special live, virtual conversation […]readmore

Community News

Affordable Senior Housing Coming to Bed Stuy

Affordable Senior Housing Coming to Bed StuyNew 41,421 square foot Senior Residence at 811 Lexington Avenue will provide 63 unitsof rent-subsidized housing for low-income seniors The groundbreaking of the new Senior Residence at 811 Lexington Avenue, signaled the creation of a new 64-unit apartment building on land formerly occupied by a parking lot and the […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On – 10/28

NEW YORK, NYDemocrat Eric Adams is the presumed winner of the 2021 NYC Mayoral race. The NY Times story “What Type of Mayor Might Eric Adams Be, No one Seems to Know,” as is the NY Magazine cover story, “The Winning Eric Adams.” subtitled “Beloved from East Brooklyn to Billionaire’s Row, He is poised to […]readmore

Justice Matters

Reform Needed for NYC Court System

By W. Taharka RobinsonIn previous articles written we have learned that the New York office of court administration is in need of restructuring, since the last article the New York office of court administration has begun to change the structure. We’ve discussed the structure of the office of court administration and how the courts function. […]readmore

City Politics

Vote Tuesday, Nov. 2!

What’s It All About? – A Ballot Proposals Breakdown By Maitefa AngazaAlthough eyes are on the mayoral prize in next week’s election, there is life in New York City beyond that contest. Some weighty decisions will be made by voters that could significantly impact our future. Among the five new Ballot Proposals presented by state […]readmore