Day: October 21, 2021


Simone Gordon: Godmother with Fairy Wings

This month is Women’s Business Month, but philanthropist Simone Gordon,  the nation’s first Black Fairy Godmother, makes helping others her business all year long.   A Gates Foundation grant recipient, Gordon has become a major force — with invisible wings — for community goodwill.   Among other major efforts, Gordon’s Foundation assists Black and Brown marginalized families impacted by the COVID-19 […]readmore


The Supreme Court Deals a Harsh, Unanimous Blow to Police

Mark Joseph Stern  The Supreme Court dealt a blow to police reform in two unanimous decisions on Monday shielding officers from lawsuits accusing them of illegal brutality. Both rulings endorse a nearly insurmountable version of qualified immunity, the doctrine that protects police and other state officials from suit, raising the bar even higher for victims of unconstitutional conduct. The […]readmore

American History

Native American History Timeline and the Buffalo Soldiers

Thinking about the Buffalo Soldiers I hadn’t given much thought to Indigenous Peoples Day, until I made the connection with the Buffalo Soldier monument now installed at West Point.  In the Black community, the buffalo soldiers are heroes of songs, films and parades. However, at a time when statues of Confederate generals are being taken […]readmore

City Politics

Eric Adams’ Plan for the City

All candidates lay out a plan of what they hope to accomplish in office. Below are excerpts from Eric Adams’ program for the city. Assuming Adams wins, a safe bet for a Democrat in New York City, these are the self-imposed terms by which his administration will be judged.This time next year, we’ll see how […]readmore


Our Grand Lady  

Ms. Arrington’s Grandchildren Have Their Say …Part III of III My mom, Esther J. Arrington, was blessed to have a life with a loving family that was extended to include her many friends, and enjoyment of her wide-ranging interests. She managed to maintain it all, despite having a responsibility at work that meant she had […]readmore


Black American Entrepreneurship Has Increased Nearly 40% Since Months Prior

By Victor TrammellFollowing some devastating financial hits, which were suffered in COVID-19’s first throes, Black-owned businesses have come back roaring as strong as freight trains — more so than any race or genetic demographic in the country. An academic study conducted by Dr. Robert Fairlie, a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz,  reveals that the total amount of […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On – 10/21

COLIN POWELLA REMEMBRAANCERIP: Beloved General/Statesman Colin Powell, 84, died of complications of COVID-19 on October 18. The son of Jamaican immigrants, Powell was born in Harlem, NY and raised in the South Bronx. He attended and graduated from City College where he joined ROTC. He joined the Army as a Second Lieutenant. Before being deployed […]readmore

National News

The Nation Has Lost a Leader

Colin Powell Called Home – Reactions from All Quarters by Maitefa AngazaColin Powell, former, (and first Black) secretary of state and retired four-star general in the U.S. Army, died on Monday, October 18th at the age of 84 from complications of COVID-19 and underlying comorbidities. A Harlem-born son of Jamaican immigrants, Powell grew up in […]readmore