Day: December 17, 2017

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African-Americans were once again called upon to save the nation by organizing and acting, and they came through big time in Alabama Tuesday night.  They made up 30% of the voters and stunned analysts by voting at a higher rate for Doug Jones than for Barack Obama, averaging 96% overall with 98% of Black women […]readmore


Coaches’ Corner Boys Varsity Basketball

Brooklyn Collegiate HS 101 Eagle Academy HS 97 The basketball game took place at Eagle Academy for Young Men II gym. Brooklyn Collegiate HS was in the lead for the whole game. Eagle Academy HS fought back for 4 quarters. In the 4th, Eagle Academy started coming back. Brooklyn Collegiate H.S. Coach Malcolm Conner: “I […]readmore

Community News

“Barbershop Dad Talk” Series Launched in Coney Island

Brooklyn, NY (December 11, 2017) – The Brooklyn Community Services’ Fatherhood Program is excited to launch the weekly “Barbershop Dad Talk” Series, free sessions that provide an opportunity for noncustodial fathers to discuss parenting challenges, social services, counseling and dynamics of fatherhood in a casual setting every Wednesday at Timbuktu Hair Care, 1511 Mermaid Avenue […]readmore

Community News

KWANZAA Is really for everyone

I have celebrated Christmas all my life. I never thought of it as an exclusively “white” holiday. Now that I know the virtues of Kwanzaa, I cannot think of it as an exclusively “Black” holiday. Although it is true that “Santa” has taken the Christ out of Christmas, there is no denying that that siren […]readmore

What's Going On

USA TODAY What a difference a fortnight makes. Two weeks ago, I had surrendered to a peaceful, joyous holiday season, the Alabama US Senate race and the Trump/GOP Tax Reduction bill, notwithstanding. Drama begins two weeks ago, when North Korea confirms its missile capability can hit targets in NY and London. A week later, US […]readmore

National News

Less is Moore

This past Tuesday night, the entire nation was tuned in to a special election taking place in the state of Alabama for a Senate seat. The race pitted Democrat Doug Jones against the Republican candidate Roy Moore. Usually, such an election in a southern state like Alabama would never get the attention of anyone in […]readmore