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NYC Department of Education Makes Intervention Decision on Boys & Girls High School

🕔11:41, 9.Dec 2010

On Monday, the NYC Department of Education announced their plans to close eleven district schools and recommended that the state not renew the charter of one charter school. Yesterday, the DOE announced 14 additional schools to be closed immediately or

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At Witt’s End:Local City Council Members React to Layoffs and Budget Cuts Updated

🕔14:05, 2.Dec 2010

By Stephen Witt Central Brooklyn readers wondering if their local city council members are on their game could learn a thing or two from their response to the recently proposed layoffs of 10,000 city workers. The proposal came last month

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Response to a Reader Updated

🕔10:07, 14.Nov 2010

To the Editor: I love the Bedford-Stuyvesant community. My family and I are newcomers and would like for our local politicians to stop using and abusing the words “black community”.  Yes, we know Bed-Stuy is mostly black, but that will

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2010 Project Green – Arbor Day in Herbert Von King Park

2010 Project Green – Arbor Day in Herbert Von King Park Updated

🕔05:35, 16.May 2010

Arbor Day ceremonies in Herbert Von King Park and amphitheater, last Friday, April 30 – emceed by composer/drama teacher Larry Banks, Our Time Press editorial assistant Jessica Lenore Harris, and professional Hip Hop dancer Lavell Franklin (see back page) –

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