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View From Here: Romney/Ryan: A Dangerous Ticket



By David Mark Greaves

Sound the alarms and gird your loins! These are the best of times because the battle for the nation’s soul has been joined. The so-called “boldness” of the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket, is really a euphemism for the naked assault by what W. E. B. DuBois called the Planter Class, on the rest of us.
Of the Romney/Ryan package, Ryan is the most dangerous because while Romney makes skin crawl and you know to stay away, Ryan presents as such a nice guy that you hate to think bad things about him, but then he opens his mouth and reveals himself. And it is after that initial shock of the scales falling from your eyes that you see him for what he is, the embodiment of the wolf in sheep’s clothing ready to leap and rip out the guts of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and that‘s just for starters.
And it isn’t just Romney and Ryan that we would be contending with, we’ve warned of this many times before-, it’s the army they bring with them: the aides, appointees, consultants, think tanks, lobbyists, that all work together to promote a vision that sees any program that help to feed, clothe, educate, heal or improve the lives of the 99% as subject to cutbacks and cutoffs.
For non-whites, non-Christians and all poor folks, this is a time to be watchful and politically engaged because we are all under constant threat of becoming ensnared in that bit of bad cloth in the American tapestry that can loop around in a mean-spirited and destructive way, choking the life out of you one legislative act at a time.
They want to use the chains of debt and fear to make financial slaves of us all. Among that Planter class are people going “all-in” on this election, as exemplified by Sheldon Adelson, invariably described as a billionaire casino magnate, saying he‘s willing to spend whatever it takes to defeat President Obama. His goal is the same as that enunciated by Lee Strasburg portraying the criminal tactician Hyman Roth in The Godfather: Part II explaining what they had achieved in pre-Castro Cuba, “we have now what we have always needed, real partnership with the government.” A government in their pocket that gives them free rein to express the American legacy of taking what they want and removing those who get in the way.
Remember – This is going to be the election that sets the direction of the nation for our children and our grandchildren.
So, like Sarah Brinson (in photo, above) call all your friends and relatives back home, use Facebook and Twitter and reach across the country, let it be known far and wide and in as many creative ways as possible, that the word out of Brooklyn is to vote for President Obama.

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