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(Ms. Perry’s guest op launches a new column in Our Time Press created for those whose views of the world may be different than the status quo or either extreme.

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By Jennifer Perry

I have been furloughed/laid off from work since March of this year. I work at State Farm Arena, home of the  Atlanta Hawks. Unemployment was good for a little while, but that too will be ending soon. While some places are hiring, not all have the availability of payroll to distribute to everyone so they can make an adequate amount to cover monthly expenses. Besides, we all can’t work for Walmart, Amazon, USPS, FedEx, or UPS (and any other big Corp that didn’t feel a pinch of a loss from this pandemic). 


My health coverage for the next year has gone up despite being based on my income, and that my income has DECREASED. I enrolled through 
The political campaigns here are pretty much harassment. They send flyers and junk mail, numerous text messages (regardless if you’ve selected to opt out of receiving text messages from them), and they literally knock on your door to ask if you’ve voted or if you are going to vote. Some go as far as to ask who you are voting for. 

While the news says, “cases are rising”, I find it interesting to see that a lot of restaurants are open with the option to dine in, and the night clubs are in full throttle. I also haven’t noticed any of the people who partake in these activities getting sick/dying, myself included. 
Shopping in stores is easy as long as you wear a mask. Some stores have their security doing temperature screens at the door. In their opinion, it’s stupid. I’ve asked have you had to turn anyone away due to a fever and they’ve all said no. I don’t think anyone has come across a person with a fever who voluntarily wanted to run out and happily shop til they dropped, literally.

Traveling is easy via plane and not as exaggerated as I’ve seen it portrayed in the media. I’ve traveled to NYC in September and to Las Vegas in November of this year. They just ask that you keep your mask on when you’re not actively eating or drinking. I find it hard to stay six feet apart when the seats aren’t that far apart behind or in front of you. I guess leaving the middle seat open was supposed to be impactful against the travel speed of “the droplets”. Most of the “social distancing guidelines” are pretty ineffective to me, but it’s fun to watch the masses try. 

Disclaimer: The views of this writer are not necessarily shared by Our Time Press.

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