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Whenever summer comes around, a lot of things run through  the minds of parents and their teens. Final report cards, Regents test scores and summer jobs.
Summer jobs are hard to find for young teens. That’s because most jobs want people that do not have to go home at a certain time and can work long hours. Parents who have young teens and want them to be able to work should look at jobs openings at day care’s and summer camps. These jobs have a schedule of 9am-5pm.
The only problem with having your teen trying to work at a summer camp is that your teen may end up not working at the camp and end up in the camp themselves.      This usually happens to 13-and -14-year old teens. Even with the camps, they want older people to work and that’s just based on maturity. Some teens at the age of 13 and 14 and even sometimes 15 aren’t mature enough to handle younger children which would be at the summer camp.
“I tried to work at a summer camp last summer and I didn’t get picked because I was too young”, a 14-year-old from Brooklyn, New York.
Maybe the best job for young teens would be a baby-sitting job for a neighbor or walking/sitting pets for a neighbor. There are not a lot of job openings for young teens, so you would have to make your own opening. It may not be easy, but there are plenty of people that need help in the summer. Your teen could make fliers and put them up in local buildings and stores to advertise.
For teens older than 14, programs like the Summer Youth Program which can be reached at There is another program that can help also, There are   few things your teen would need in order to sign up for the Summer Youth Program, the most important might be your child’s working papers. Your child’s working papers could be received at your child’s school at the guidance counselor’s office.

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