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Skincare for Spring with Diana King

By Fern E. Gillispie

Diana King, known to millions of New York City radio listeners as “Miss Thang Diana King,” has been a staple on the New York City airwaves since the early 1980s. Diana’s been in the spotlight hosting morning drive time, afternoon spots, nighttime shifts and weekend programs at top stations including WBLS-FM, 98.7 Kiss FM, Jammin’ 105, WMCA-AM and WWRL-AM. This year, Wendy Williams, her former Northeastern University classmate and KISS-FM colleague, tapped Diana to appear in her acclaimed Lifetime documentary Wendy Williams: What a Mess. Diana can be heard on ISoul Radio every Sunday.

Although broadcasting brought her fame, the fashion and beauty industry was her passion. Several years ago, she decided to put broadcasting on hold and become a New York State licensed esthetician. Today, Diana specializes in skin facials and skin therapy. She consults New York City salons and beauty organizations giving facials with glowing skin results. Now that spring is in the air, Our Time Press spoke with Diana King about advice for springtime skincare.

OTP – Do you recommend a daily skincare routine?

DK – First, you need to cleanse your skin. There are skin cleanses for every skin type. You need to know your skin type. Some people have oily skin like me and others have very dry skin. Some people have combination skin. They have cleansers that address those issues. After you cleanse your face, you can use a toner, or you can use witch hazel. But you shouldn’t have a toner that has a lot of alcohol because it could burn your face. When you first clean your skin, you’re opening up your pores, and then you’re putting that toner in there as like an antiseptic. And then use a moisturizer that keeps the face hydrated. When you moisturize your face, you should also moisturize your neck. You should keep the moisturizer on all day.


OTP – What about skincare in the evening? What do you recommend?

DK – When you get up in the morning, you wash your face, and you brush your teeth. But before you go to bed at night, you must cleanse your face because you have the elements of the day on your face. In the morning you, must do the cleansing process.  You slept on a pillow and there’s stuff on it that can also make your face dirty. Also, try to sleep on your back.  I used to sleep on my side but stopped because of back problems. Sleeping on your back prevents your face from rubbing on the pillow and getting moisturizer on the pillowcase. Also, sleeping on your back can help your facial skin look smooth.

 OTP – Avocado and egg white masks are popular. How can you make these homemade masks?

DK – To make an avocado mask, you just have to mash the avocado up finely like making guacamole out of it. After you apply the mask, you keep it on your face for 15 or 20 minutes and then you rinse it off with water. Afterward, you apply a moisturizer.  For an egg white mask, you mix one egg white in a bowl. I would recommend applying the egg white with a face brush or a light brush. After it’s on, your face will feel tight. Let it stay on your face for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off. For both masks, rinse and pat your face dry with a towel. Apply a moisturizer to your face and neck. Always remember the neck! 

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