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Parents Notebook

Parent's Notebook: A Tribute to Artists Who Left Guidance for our Children

As we celebrate Black History Month, the contributions made acknowledging and appreciating our youth by musicians (now deceased) are remembered. Being artists, they captured with music and words the promise of youth –reminding us of our duty to them. But then that is the awesome ability of artists – to illustrating and transforming analysis and actions needed for life-changing results. And on this Black History Month in 2013 with thousands of our children being jailed and killed yearly, we sorely need to commit to change actions in order to change the results.

Whitney Houston, in the song “The Children Are Our Future”, the lyrics “I believe the children are our future – Teach them well and let them lead the way – Show them all the beauty they possess inside – Give them a sense of pride to make it easier – Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be–Everybody searching for a hero –People need someone to look up to–I never found anyone to fulfill my needs–A lonely place to be- So I learned to depend on me.”

Statistics show our children are in trouble. The question is can we stop depending on others and take responsibility for making a difference in their lives. The home is the place where the potential power is groomed. What are you willing to do as an individual?

Marvin Gaye in “Save the Children.” “When I look at the world it fills me with sorrow – little children today are gonna suffer tomorrow- oh what a shame, what a bad way to live – All who is to blame, we can’t stop livin’ – live, live for life – but let live everybody. Live life for the children.”

The message reiterates the fact that the children are the future and obviously we are responsible for saving them – thereby saving their future translates to saving the world. And adults taking responsibility for our lives so we can pass that on is essential to our youth. So join the Parent’s Notebook in the quest to reclaim responsibility for our lives and claim the power that comes with that so we can save our children.


Michael Jackson in “We are the World” “We are the world, we are the children – we are the ones who make a brighter day – so let’s start giving – There’s a choice we’re making – we’re saving our own lives – It’s true we’ll make a better day – Just you and me.”

While the song was created in a humanitarian project for Africa, the need is here today in this country, in our state and on our blocks. And it rates high on the list of reminders that more is needed from us as individuals, parents, family and community. In the coming weeks, we will look at some key hurdles that we (as a people) need to confront and resolve so we can heal and create powerful relationships for our sake and for our children’s sake. We’ll start with healing our relationships. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Send to

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*** Free Open House Weekend 2013 at the Apollo on Saturday, Feb. 9; Sunday, Feb. 10 12 – 5pm.
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