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This Week: "Eat, Pray Love" From Brooklyn to Bali



Our Time Press visits Bali through the adventures of our outreach specialist Nadia Fattah, and her daughter Taaeba. The Fattah women traveled to the beautiful Indonesia locale just days after Sony Pictures wrapped location filming for Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts opening nationwide, this Friday.

Brooklyn's Taaeba Fattah met Bali medicine man Ketut Liyer earlier this year. Ketut is the transitional center of the film based on the best-selling book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiographical bestseller on which the film is based reveals how the author finds herself through a soul-searching journey to three different places in the world, unique in what they offer her. In Our Time Press, the Brooklyn-based Fattah women, inveterate world travelers, offers a universal message for our readers and the world.

Images of the home of the “medicine man” around which the Bali section of the film centers, will be featured, and later in the month, through the photographs of Barry L. Mason and Hiroki Kobayashi the stunning and stylish Taaeba will show readers where to go — within blocks and a few miles of home — to get the Bali-look. Through Home Shopping Network, OTP reveals, you may not need to leave your home at all. So, here’s to life’s basics: eating, praying and loving.

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