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Men’s Day at Brooklyn Community Church



The Conferring of Power: Laying on of hands to the newly ordained Rev Dr. Hakim J. Lucas by community and faith leaders.(Photo: Qlick Photography)

Virginia Union University President Rev. Dr. Hakim Lucas, Ordained by The Rev. Dr. Fred A. Lucas, his Father

by Selma Jackson
Since the pandemic, I have rarely attended in-person worship services. However, this past Sunday, November 13, I made an exception. I attended the Annual Men’s Day Celebration at Brooklyn Community Church, where The Rev. Dr. Fred A. Lucas is Founder and Senior Pastor.
Men’s Day highlights the work the Men’s Ministry has done over the previous year and acknowledges those men who have done extraordinary work.

A Day of Elevations: In the photo top, The Rev. Dr. Fred A. Lucas’ back is to the camera, and Dr. Hakim J. Lucas is facing the camera at the beginning of service. In the photo beneath, Dr. Hakim J. Lucas’ back is to the camera, and The Rev. Dr. Fred Lucas is facing the camera. While each denomination has a particular way that it officiates the service of ordination, the images here are some basic steps all denominations follow:
The candidate will preach a sermon. The congregation will be led through the statement of ordination
The commitment of faith is read, and the candidate affirms his/her faith.
The constitutional questions are read, and the candidate again affirms his/her faith.
The congregation also has a set of questions to answer on its responsibilities to support and care for the pastor.
Ministers gather around the newly ordained pastor, and the laying on of hands takes place. Closing prayers are offered by the officiating pastor. (Photo: Qlick Photography)

This year at Brooklyn Community Church, the guest speaker was Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, President & CEO of Virginia Union University and son of The Rev. Dr. Fred Lucas and Bishop Barbara Austin Lucas (of Agape).

Following the invitation to Christ and Presentations and Remarks, the Church witnessed the Ministerial Ordination of Dr. Hakim J. Lucas to the position of The Rev. Dr. Hakim J. Lucas.
It was a special day in the Christian life of Brooklyn Community Church, but also in the life of Bedford-Stuyvesant, a community of churches. We witnessed a father and mother, both pastors, ordain their son at a very special service in the life of the church on Men’s Day!
It was uplifting to be present at Brooklyn Community Church on this special Men’s Day of Men’s Days. Witnessing the family, church family, and the community usher a son of Brooklyn into the ministry was awesome.

I am so thankful that I made the exception to attend and witness this historic worship service.
Selma Jackson, a contributing writer for Our Time Press, is a member of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church and currently serves as Moderator-elect of the Presbytery of New York City. In her new role, she assists her denomination with ordinations and installations of called pastors.

Humbling: Profiles of Rev Dr. Fred Lucas and Dr Hakim Lucas- whose head is bowed, as Rev. Dr Fred Lucas begins the ordination ceremony. (Photo: Qlick Photography)
A Gathering of Family and Community: At the Annual Men’s Day Service at Brooklyn Community
Church, pastored by The Rev. Dr. Fred A. Lucas, third from right, his son The Rev. Dr. Hakim J. Lucas,
fourth from right, was the guest speaker. Family, friends, and church members gathered to salute the men of BCC and celebrate the ministerial ordination of Dr. Hakim, including, foreground from left, Abriana Glover; Kareem Lucas; his mother Bishop Dr. Barbara Austin-Lucas; Mrs. Pulane Lucas and Deacon Howard Lee, chair of Men’s Day. (Photo: Qlick Photography)
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