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Getting the Energy Up for Another School Year

Getting the Energy Up for Another School Year
If you’re a parent of a New York City School student and recognize the danger our children are in locked into a system where they’re required by law to attend schools whose failure is not based on test results but the growing threat on principals and teachers to focus on tests instead of developing the critical thinking skills the children need to succeed in life.    You must realize that some alternative approaches must be found to rescue the children from the expanding take over by corporate interests.  The Atlanta, Ga. Scandal of Cheating among school officials is not an isolated case.  We must see the danger of measuring our children’s intelligence and progress by standardized tests alone. We can no longer allow our children’s future to be determined by a corrupt system.
This press release caught my attention.  This organization’s target population is young adults/parents and while they cover other topics, their September session focuses on education.  In speaking to the organizers, I gathered that they hold a vision and are not merely waging an anti- campaign.
Good Brother Productions starts a new season of Nights at the Round Table.  Partnering with The Global Block Foundation, Good Brother Productions present a monthly panel discussion and networking mixer in Brooklyn called “Nights at the Round Table”.  Each Month we pick a different lounge or tavern in the neighborhood, and we put together unique panels for discussion on various topics pertinent to the lifestyles and social experiences of our community.
Our discussion in September deals with a very important topic, education. The discussion September 1st is entitled: “School Matters: A panel discussion about the education of our children.” We will discuss the state of the school system in general, and specifically in our communities. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Charter Schools, as well as their similarities, differences, and the issues that they share with Public Schools. We will discuss the things that parents can do at home to help in their children’s education, as well as some of the issues and struggles that educators face on a day-to-day basis.
On the panel will be: Fabayo Macintosh – Principal of Brighter Choice Community School, Shahara C. Jackson – Principal of Summit Academy School, Ana El Alston – Principal at Glen Cove City School District, and Jitu Weusi – lifelong Activist and Educator. The discussion is moderated by Marlon Rice, an author and activist from Clinton Hill.  The panel discussion will take place at For My Sweet located at 1103 Fulton Street between Classon Avenue and Claver Place, on Thursday September 1, 2011. The discussion starts at 7pm. The discussion will run an hour and a half, with a half hour Q &A followed by a mixer with live music, various vendors, and food and drink for sale. For further information:,
Parents must reclaim family as the foundation and bridge to the future.
The Parent’s Notebook would love to share innovative actions being taken by parents and community taking responsibility for unleashing the innate intelligence of our children.  Send to

PN Alert!!!!
****from the desk of Assemblywoman Letitia James
All children 0 to 5 years who live within the five boroughs of NYC eligible for free books.

NYC Imagination Library is an initiative of the NYC Dept. of Education. The goal is to promote the development of emergent literacy and language skills by encouraging all NYC parents to read aloud to their children from birth until age five.

Enroll your preschool child (age 0 to 5 yrs) in the NYC Imagination Library and a new, carefully selected, age-appropriate book will be mailed each month in your child’s name directly to your home. Books will begin arriving at your home six to eight weeks after your registration form has been received, and will continue each month until your child turns five.

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