Two GBH Boston Producers, Two Backgrounds –  “Changed Forever” by 9/11

OTP: Tell us about “Stories from the Stage” and the latest Episode “Changed Forever 9/11”?Liz Cheng: Produced by Boston-based GBH and WORLD Channel, Stories from the Stage (SFTS) gathers multicultural storytellers to share real-life experiences that illustrate compelling themes — from family vacations and holiday disasters to DACA Dreamers, standing up for a cause.    Changed Forever 9/11, our latest episode, looks at the effects […]readmore


Stanley Nelson’s Firelight Media Launches Fund for Mid-Career Filmmakers of

By Daniele Alcinii, Harlem-based prodco Firelight Media, founded by Peabody- and Emmy award- winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson, is launching an international development fund for diverse filmmakers. The William Greaves Fund, launching later this year, will offer financial and mentorship support to non-fiction filmmakers of color at the mid-points in their careers. The fund aims […]readmore

Parents Notebook

In Memory of Travon Martin, Jordan Davis and All Youth

African-American youth comprise the largest numbers in youth-related stop-and-frisks, arrests, suspension from public schools and victims of gun violence.    Since the future of African-Americans depends on today’s youth, it led me to create the phrase “The transformation of a Nation begins in the homes of its people.”  Today – Black History Month 2014 – acknowledging […]readmore


Attack the Act but Not the Child

While insults affect adults, somehow from the home to the classroom there seems to be some unspoken agreement that it’s OK to insult children.  Granted, it may have become so much of habit that we don’t recognize the remarks as insults, after all, they’re just kids and we (adults) don’t really mean any harm.  But […]readmore

Top Stories

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

During the past week, Nelson Mandela’s death created the context for citizens of the world to appraise the life and contribution Mandela made to his homeland and mankind in spite of having spent 27 years imprisoned before being released in 1990.   A quote by Mandela, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that […]readmore


A Kwanzaa Project

If we accept as valid the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and if we cannot identify the village, do we resign ourselves to being unable to raise our children or do we re-create the village? The saying was quite popular a few years back but is not heard as much, if […]readmore