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With Your Help Hundreds of Children in rural Ghana will go “Back to School” and Stay in School

It is estimated that 90% of Ghanaian elementary and middle school students, especially from rural schools, have never had the opportunity to experience a computer, hands-on.

This is a crisis which has put these rural children at such a perilous disadvantage to their urban and privileged peers. These children are losing out on their potential and opportunities. The educational divide increases all the time and many are left behind, due solely to where they’re born and to the poverty that is endemic in the area.

Tech4Ghana USA is a Brooklyn, New York-based nonprofit organization registered in New York State and is a 501(c)3 public charity, as designated by the U.S. Department of Treasury/IRS. It was established in the US to raise money to support the work of Tech4Ghana in Wli (pron. Will-lee), which is a registered nonprofit in Ghana.   Donations are tax-charitable deductions to the fullest extent of the law.

To date, Tech4Ghana USA has not received any funding from foundations, corporations or governments. We exist on the beneficence of individual charitable donors. It’s an all-volunteer organization. Apart from bank account and wire fees, all donations are either transferred to Tech4Ghana or used to purchase items here and pay shipping fees and customs taxes.

We need $75,000 to: replace the aging and mismatched laptops in our Computer Lab with 35 new machines, acquire a set of instructional hardware (LCD projector, digital camera), five Internet-enabled laptops, a printer and literacy education materials for our soon-to-open Library/Media Center.


In September 2009, a Computer Center opened. We added a small library in 2011. Books were donated, mostly lightly used children’s books and shipped in barrels from Brooklyn.

We still have only about a dozen working but aging and mismatched laptops.   The students share.   Our goal is to have enough laptops so that every child can touch and learn on one, a class set, as per One Laptop Per Child’s admirable mission, and as per international technology education standards.

This October, we will open our new Library/Media Center in a room of its own.   There will be English literacy instructional resources for teachers and access to print-rich materials for their students.






Please visit the Tech4Ghana website to view documentation of ten years of development in Wli 2009 to the present: []

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