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Dee Poku-Spalding Named New Board Member, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy (The Conservancy) recently elected entrepreneur Dee Poku-Spalding, and Jay Mann, corporate executive, as new members of its Board of Directors. The election took place at the Conservancy’s March 17 Board Meeting.
“We are honored to welcome Dee Poku-Spalding and Jay Mann to our Board of Directors,” said Chris Coffey, Conservancy Board Chairman. “Jay and Dee come with excitement and experience that we look forward to tapping in the days to come. Both have been dedicated supporters of Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and their contribution will only elevate our mission to bring dynamic, vibrant programming to Brooklyn Bridge Park.”
Dee Poku-Spalding is a women’s and girls’ advocate and community builder born in the UK and raised between London and Accra.
She has been named one of Marie Claire Magazine’s 50 women changing the world and one of TRUE Africa’s 100 Top Innovators.
She also serves as a contributor to Forbes Women. Dee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math.
“Brooklyn Bridge Park has been lifesaver for me and my family, particularly so during this pandemic. I truly love seeing communities across the City enjoying all the Park has to offer. Having safe spaces to play, connect and learn is an essential right, and I can’t wait to play an active role in supporting the wonderful work the Conservancy does.”
Jay Mann is a long-time resident of New York City is a managing director at Citigroup and a former Goldman Sachs executive. He is a graduate of Connecticut College with a degree in International Relations.
“Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is an incredible organization; committed to providing residents of greater Brooklyn with educational, athletic, and social opportunities. As a fourth-generation resident of Brooklyn I couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to join the talented staff and board members of the Conservancy in serving our community.”

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