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Chancellor Carranza Commits to Bedford Stuyvesant Students

Last week, Senator Velmanette Montgomery welcomed Chancellor Richard Carranza back to Bedford Stuyvesant to meet with the principals of Boys and Girls High School Campus and members of the Boys and Girls High Advisory Board to discuss the needs of the students and their schools. 

The meeting was a follow-up from the summer when Senator Montgomery invited the Chancellor to visit Boys & Girls High to hear directly from student representatives at each school. The students were bright, eloquent and very clear in communicating their priorities. These included:

• Access to advanced placement (AP) classes

• Assessment and repair of the Welding Unit

• Upgrade Electrical Units in the Engineering Suite


• Lighting, Electrical and Technology upgrade for auditorium

• Plumbing and Electrical upgrade for Washer and Dryer

• Resources for the Research and Service Pantry 

• Bleachers and stadium lighting for Nelson Mandela field  

The Chancellor shared that since the summer meeting, eight AP classes have been added including Environmental Science, US and World History, Calculus, Language and Literature. Additionally, funding was provided to the Research and Service food pantry, which serves all the students on campus and upgrades to the student laundry are expected to be completed by October 7th.  


Chancellor Carranza committed to have a comprehensive assessment done within the next two weeks to determine the needs of the building’s electrical system, which will include the welding unit, engineering suite and auditorium.  

Boys and Girls High Campus is a village that truly serves the needs of our young people. From the food pantry to the washer and dryer, today’s schools are more than just classrooms. It is vital that they continue to receive the resources and support that allow them to do this work.

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