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Bed-Stuy Press/Creative Arts Fair a Success, Macon Library to Remain Open through Fall

The bright, young library-goers and future writers, I.S. 35 students, seen standing with Macon Library librarian Bonetta  Howard (above), have much to smile about.  They will have more time to hone their academic skills at the Macon Library this summer as  renovations for the library are now delayed until fall 2005.
In other news, library manager Eleanor Adams reports that the library’s 1st Bed-Stuy Small Press and Creative Arts Fair on May 7 was a great success!
“Neighborhood residents were provided an opportunity to meet and listen to some of the community’s emerging and established writers, from authors to songwriters,” said Ms. Adams. “It was a learning experience and it was fun for all.”
Top-flight films by community producers were screened, including  Bryant McInnis’ Bedford-Stuyvesant: Beautiful Then & Now and Christine Randall’s The Reel Bed-Stuy.  Among other presenters were authors Javaka Steptoe (In Daddy’s Arms I am Tall), Nicola McDonald (Lusting for Love), Boniface Wewe (Witches, Wizards and Ghosts) and Ron Hughes (A Trip Through Heaven).  Samantha Thornhill offered a stunning one-woman presentation and songwriter-musicians Eric Frazier and Elijah Starr performed their respective original music.  There were wonders for the eyes as well, compliments of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Artists Association; on display were artworks by Fedrecia Hartley (Crucifixion), Cornell Jones (Totem), Halima Cassells (Mother and Child), Rose Jones (Freedom) and Emily Grote (Cosmos).
Ms. Adams said attendees “were very enthusiatic” about this year’s inaugural “Small Press/Creative Arts” event and “they want it back next year.”  A date will be announced in the future.

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