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A Flowering of Spirit & Neighborhood at Annual Bed-Stuy Planting Event

More than 40 Block and Tenant Associations participated in the 9th Annual FlowerBed-Stuy event organized by Oma Holloway of the Bridge Street Development Corporation (BSDC) last Saturday, April 27th. The BSDC project is considered the ultimate salute to community beautification and spring cleaning, with Bedford-Stuyvesant residents of all ages joining in the work. 

     The event, as usual, started at the Quincy Senior Citizens Homes at 625 Quincy Street, with block representatives, outfitted in sunbathed orange T-shirts, picking up plackets of flowers and taking them back to their blocks. Block residents, in turn, swept, hauled away withering bushes, and picked weeds. They replaced the dead plants with thousands “made available” to BSDC and its partnering organizations through grants from Councilman Robert Cornegy and others, and with support from many local leaders, including Henry Butler, President, Community Board 3.

      We present the photos on this page as a bouquet to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bridge Street, the Block Associations, and to the MYBASE interns who supported the work on Saturday and who are determined to support the blooming of Bed-Stuyvesant all year round.  

 Be like the flower, Bloom in the strength of your Unknown power.


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