Day: March 5, 2018


Canarsie’s Finest

If you have not caught on by now, in the past boxing’s greatest fighters came from our great Borough of Brooklyn, New York. All-time greats who birthed the careers of great boxers such as Mark Breland, Riddick Bowe, Shannon Briggs, Paulie Malignaggi, Zab Judah and, of course, one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time “Iron” […]readmore


Students’ Black History Month Silent March Speaks Volumes

The future looks bright and we can see the signs – which earlier this week were being carried by elementary school students demonstrating pride in their heritage and respect for the forebears who inspire them. During their Black History Month Silent March on Tuesday, students from P.S. 270 walked the streets surrounding their Clinton Hill […]readmore


Strategies to Get Accepted into Specialized High Schools

On February 24, 2018 at Middle School 61 in Crown Heights, the community was invited to learn how to get their children accepted into Specialized High Schools (SHS). Specialized High Schools are the city’s most academically rigorous high schools that sets the majority of the enrolled students on a “lifelong success trajectory.” These high schools […]readmore

Community News

A Rousing Discussion at Black Media Roundtable

The Black news media – its importance and survival – was the subject at hand during Monday’s roundtable at For My Sweet in Brooklyn. “Real Black Media or Fake News?” brought community members out to share perspectives and strategies for supporting, accessing and centralizing Black media sources. On the panel were: editor of the long-running […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

“It’s Not a Game”

In 2015, the University of Oregon generated $196 million dollars in revenue from their Division I sports program. That figure includes $35.6 million dollars in licensing fees, $26.6 million dollars in ticket sales, $54 million dollars in football revenue, $8.7 million dollars in basketball revenue and $124.9 million dollars in booster donations to the sports […]readmore

Community News

A Black Panther Voice Roars from Brooklyn

The “Black Panther” movie continues to break box office charts. According to IndieWire on line magazine, the movie is “on course to become the greatest comic-book movie in history.” These accolades mostly point to the millions it will make. Other political and cultural factors contribute to its distinctive success such as display of black power, […]readmore

What's Going On

MARCH 2018

March arrives this week along with its typical offerings. It is Women’s History Month. It is March Madness and the NCAA Tournament  It is vernal equinox time and the year’s first Retrograde Mercury cycle. Look out for Daylight Savings Time on March 11, St. Patrick’s Day on 3/17 and Palm Sunday 3/25.  US POLITICS 101 […]readmore