Day: October 26, 2017



 This Saturday, October 28   Broadcaster Bernard White returns to NY to speak on the “Trumpout of Black News”, critical Black stories that are being ignored.  Also, CEMOTAP Co-Chair Dr. James McIntosh will join Bernard and give a report on the recent “Duty to Warn” meeting in NY and a dozen other cities in NY to discuss the next steps in the “Duty to Warn” actions of 66,000 psychiatrists, psychologists […]readmore

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As Always, It’s the Boots on the Ground that Will Save Us 

The all-encompassing addiction to money by the 1% and those who serve them is fully expressed in the reports coming out about the Republican budget proposals, that if enacted, would remove not only money, health, education and opportunity from the streets of Brooklyn, it would replace it with a future of personal pain and an environmental crisis.    As predicted […]readmore

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 AFRICA/TRUMP/BLACKS   What are 1000 American troops doing in Niger, fighting also the French?  And why doesn’t anyone in Congress know about this African military adventure?  Why did ambushed troops in Niger wait for more than an hour to call for help?  A few months ago, President Trump said that he would change focus of America’s foreign policy towards Africa by de-emphasizing humanitarian aid and […]readmore

Black History

Strong Women Getting Stronger

November 1997 (Winner 1998 New York Association of Black Journalists First Place in Personal Commentary) The empty buses rolled into Brooklyn early Saturday morning. Across the rain-washed Manhattan Bridge, the Greyhounds came, their empty seats silhouetted against gas station neon, appearing as ghosts through fog-wet windows.   The buses were coming to transport the keepers of […]readmore


A Reflection of Reel Sister’s Film Festival Production, “And Call Her

Community members listened intently as Janie Green told her story of activism and resiliency in a film written by her daughter and Our Time Press Publisher Bernice Green entitled “And Call Her Blessed: A Portrait of Janie.” In listening to Janie Green speak in the film production at the Reel Sister’s Film Festival this past Sunday is to know that the information that you […]readmore

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Telling Our Stories Through Griot Eyes

  On the closing day of Reel Sisters Film Festival presentations, Sunday, October 21, a discussion moderated by  ImageNation co-founder Moikgantsi Kgama  circled into great stories untold, lost or forgotten within our own families and networks.  Stories that would make great films.      That topic was inspired by Reel Sisters’ founder Carolyn Butts response to one of our questions in the […]readmore


  Yankees Wrap-up

Some may call it insane, but the 2017 New York Yankees had a season to remember. No, they didn’t win their division; no, they did not make it to the World Series, but they did a lot of positives that many didn’t think they would achieve. Going into the 2017 campaign, the Yankees had many question marks as far […]readmore