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Letitia James: A Strong Voice During Tough Times Updated

🕔12:18, 23.Jun 2011

What next for Letitia James? Voters from all walks of life are asking that she run for the 10th  Congressional seat  when current Congressman Ed Towns eventually retires. And, why not? Though she has served in a variety of positions

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At Witt’s End:Local City Council Members React to Layoffs and Budget Cuts Updated

🕔14:05, 2.Dec 2010

By Stephen Witt Central Brooklyn readers wondering if their local city council members are on their game could learn a thing or two from their response to the recently proposed layoffs of 10,000 city workers. The proposal came last month

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Rev. W. Taharka Robinson Honored for Consumer Protection Activism Updated

🕔13:57, 2.Dec 2010

By Mary Alice Miller It began two years ago, when the congregation of New Life Tabernacle sought to watch the historic election returns that culminated with Barack Obama winning the presidency. They rented a large flat-screen television for the event.

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Gov. Paterson Impresses Diverse Audience at Brooklyn Town Hall Meeting: Commands Moment, Impactful on State Budget Crisis Updated

🕔07:29, 12.Mar 2010

A confident Governor Paterson was well-received at a Town Hall meeting about the New York State budget at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall on Monday and no one can accuse him of sugar-coating the economic message.   Paterson began with a brief historical

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One Valiant Effort: Thompson Concedes Run for Mayor Updated

🕔07:08, 7.Nov 2009

                During his yearlong quest for Mayor, Bill Thompson faced the biggest multi-million dollar campaign juggernaut in municipal history. He did so with style, grace and a gentlemanly comportment. The Thompson campaign spent election night at the New York

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