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What Kind of Time is This?

Sadness is the only way to describe watching Bill Cosby being led away in handcuffs for having drugged and raped women forever altering their lives. Armed with the best legal team a multi-millionaire can buy he was tried by a jury and found guilty. He did the crime and now he has to do the time. And that’s how that goes.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, accused of multiple sexual assaults, was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump, also accused of multiple sexual assaults, and as of Wednesday, it looks like he’s destined for the seat.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony only from accuser Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh on Thursday and the Republicans intend to vote to confirm on Friday morning. A second woman Deborah Ramirez and now a third woman, in a sworn affidavit, has come forward alleging inappropriate sexual conduct by Kavanaugh, but that does not seem to matter to the Republicans who are proceeding as all-white juries did when white men were accused of killing African Americans, listen to the case and then find them not guilty.

If this goes forward, and Kavanaugh is confirmed, at 53 years-old, he can be on the court for decades and there are no guarantees that other women won’t come forward with new accusations. If confirmed, we have not heard the last of it. This is only the beginning.

World Laughs at Trump


Donald Trump took his braggadocio road show to the United Nations and received the appropriate response, laughter.   Laughter at the President of the United States. Not with him, at him.   He is a dangerous joke to the world and he proved it on Tuesday.

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