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View From Here: Trump’s Reign About to Fall

By David Mark Greaves

The written testimony of former FBI director James Comey, released a day early before his appearance at the Senate Intelligence Committee, reveals a president acting like a white collar hood. Oblivious to the idea that those skills sets are not only inappropriate, they can get you in jail, or in this case, impeached. And that’s while the investigation of the Russian connection by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is still ongoing. It is obvious that Mueller has given Comey a green light to tell all about his conversations with Trump and more, no doubt so that the people can begin to see how deeply the criminality of this presidency goes.

Given all that is declassified or has been leaked, we know the intelligence community has compiled, and continues to compile, information that fills in the spaces between the dots forming the straight line to the Oval Office. It is reported that the NSA is still going through its collected data, and based on what they find, which may take some time given the volume, the country may be glad they’ve kept copies of every e-mail and phone call made in the last ten years.

And now, based upon what the intelligence community knows so far, with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said, “Watergate pales in comparison” to the Trump-Russia connection, and understanding that while, were it anyone else, federal officers would be stepping into the office and putting the cuffs on the occupant.

Comey’s testimony has filled in some more of the missing pixels in the line connecting the obstruction of justice to the need to hide the relationship with Russia and give us an idea of the awesomeness that’s coming so that we may brace ourselves. At some point, there will come a conclusion that the Constitution has to be placed above all other interests and that Donald J. Trump has to be removed from the Office of the President as soon as possible. He’s like an animal, becoming evermore trapped, and that is not a good look for a Commander-in-Chief.

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