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Timothy Marshall Speaks:
“Cancer doesn’t have a face until it affects someone you love!”

Survivor Jacqueline Stewart, Recipient of the Wendy Cortes Award Photo Credit: Ronald Marcus, Rons Nightlifephotography LLC

Many people ask me why I, a man, started The Pink & Teal Ovarian and Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, Concert and Award Ceremony.
“Why are you so concerned?” they ask.
My answer is simple: For every female, stricken, affected and taken away by ovarian and breast Cancer, there’s a son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, husband and friend who feels the pain and loss, as well.

Donnette Vanessa James
Sunset – July 6, 2018

To state the obvious, as men, we have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends. I want them to live. I want them to be informed. So, I promote awareness!
I personally have lost many women friends and family members to cancer. I watched two amazing friends, Donette and Wendy, wither away and pass before my eyes. It was excruciating. Painful to watch and to witness. But I am a believer in the philosophy that once you learn to turn pain into power, everything changes. So, I decided to take my pain and make champagne.

I do it in a celebratory fashion: to uplift the living while simultaneously honoring those I’ve lost. At Pink & Teal’s functions, musical artists use their amazing gifts to serenade survivors of cancer. Of special note, many women discover they have cancer when it’s in stage four and, unfortunately, there is no stage 5!

Wendy Cortes
Sunset – June 22, 2018

At these uplifting Pink & Teal events, breast cancer survivors, honorees and guests all join in singing songs of inspiration, hope and encouragement.
So, Pink and Teal is my way of taking action beyond being concerned. It is about supporting, educating and remembering personal friends and loved ones we have lost to these horrific diseases while simultaneously celebrating their lives.

In addition to the annual fundraiser, throughout the year Pink & Teal works to increase public awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer, provides support to those impacted by the disease and raises funds for research dedicated to finding a screening test and a cure. Another awareness event includes the T.E.A.L.Walk in Prospect Park and ribbon-tying around trees on Flatbush Avenue in remembrance of our departed sisters.

Mr. Marshall has been publicly recognized and honored with citations and awards for his community service from various city and state political figures including Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Attorney General Letitia James, Community Board 17. Also, Mayor Eric Adams deemed September 28th, The Timothy Marshall Enterprises and Pink & Teal Ovarian and Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

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