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The View From Here: Diallo & DSK – Libya & Africa

The encounter that initiated the charge of rape by Guinea-born hotel maid Naffisatau Diallo against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss Kahn, the subsequent dropping of the charges by District Attorney Cy Vance and the opportunism of NATO in its attack on oil-rich Libya, are all part of the European lustful and proprietary attitude regarding Africa and all of its human and mineral resources.
We don’t know what exactly happened in the Sofitel Hotel that day, although DNA shows DSK wanted something from Ms. Diallo.  The question of why he had to suddenly leave his belongings and hurry on to a flight to a non-extraditable country remains unanswered for the moment because DA Vance considers Ms. Diallo, by her very nature, not to be believable and therefore no questions need be asked.  DSK?  You’re free to go.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
In Libya, NATO believed they saw an opportunity to ravish and plunder and they took it.   If Europeans could continue their centuries of disruption of the development of the African continent, so much the better.  Whether or not those hopes of theirs are well-founded remains to be seen.
They may have miscalculated Qaddafi’s accomplishment, as Qaddafi himself may have, of achieving the highest literacy rate in northern Africa of about 82.6%.   With education compulsory for the early grades and free for all up to the postgraduate level, studying either in Libya or abroad, he has empowered his people and given them the tools for his eventual leaving of the scene and controlling their own destiny.
But what is happening now is a preemptive strike by Europeans to shape the flow of events to allow them to continue their theft of African resources and influence an emerging National Transitional Council (NTC) to be mindful of Europe’s needs..
Once control of the international Libyan assets have been turned over to the NTC, then the NTC, NATO and the Libyan people will continue an awkward dance until the still-fluid situation with Qaddafi is resolved, NATO is pushed away and the Council and the people can get on with the Libyan evolution.

Libya in North Africa

If Libyans continue the pursuit of Qaddafi’s dream of a United States of Africa but now as a people-led movement, then the plentiful and unique natural resources of the African continent could be used to make a United States of Africa an ever-increasing economic power as finite resources are needed to support the insatiable demand of a growing world population.  It would be an unintended consequence of the intervention by Western powers and just what they have always feared, and that it would make the coming together even sweeter.

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