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Nationwide Protests Erupt – Citizens chant #notmypresident

Yesterday, protests erupted in New York and around the country following the results of the 2016 US Presidency Election. In Oakland, Police used tear gas to control crowds: WATCH LIVE: #Oakland police say the protest has grown to 6,000 people. https://t.co/AinBbcuoDv pic.twitter.com/6rT1VwKOLT — ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) November 10, 2016 Around the web: BREAKING NEWS: New […]readmore

City Politics

Elections Matter

By now, it has become a familiar theme: weekly protests against some aspect of Mayor Michael  Bloomberg’s draconian schools policy and his suddenly austere budget proposals. Community groups, school advocates, parents, students, blogs, newspaper editorial boards and local politicians host rallies throughout the city to protest school closings, charter school placements in public school buildings, […]readmore