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For CEO, Ancestral Echota Wisdom and Parents Example Enlighten and

We met Rick Baker at Metropolitan College of New York’s 50th Anniversary gala held October 23rd at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. He received the coveted Champion Award for his success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Role Models The college’s late founder, pioneer Audrey Cohen, would also find that Mr. Baker, CEO, Baker & Associates, […]readmore

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Lenape’s Griot Voices: Christopher Paul Moore speaks

Publisher’s Note: Christopher Paul Moore, the Brooklyn-based distinguished historian of Native American and African descent, is an elder of the Ramapough-Lenape tribe and an elder of the Collegiate Church of New York. Here, Mr. Moore shares his thoughts on Thanksgiving and his timeless remarks on Thanksgiving Day 2009 when Collegiate publicly acknowledged its ancestral congregation’s […]readmore


November Is Native American Heritage Month

November 16 4 pm: Hip-Hop History Workshop for Teens: B-Boy & B-Girl Dancing with Kwikstep and Rokafella. The Schomburg Center celebrates Hip-Hop History Month in November with four interactive workshops for teens that will explore the four elements of hip-hop: MCing, DJing, B-boy/girl Dancing, and Graffiti/Aerosol Art. Knowledge, the fifth element of hip-hop, is at […]readmore


November Is Native American Heritage Month

November 1 7:00p: Community Education Forum & Booksigning: Teaching Who We Are, For Our Children’s Future.  Dr. Molefi Kete Asante is keynote speaker. Location: Sistas’ Place, 456 Nostrand Ave. @ Jefferson Ave. Dr. Asante will sign his African American History: A Journey of Liberation, a high school text used in more than 400 schools throughout […]readmore

Parents Notebook

The Parent's Notebook

SANKOFA The Education Debacle continues to teach.  This current attack on teachers regardless of the tactic used amounts to elimination of rights and concentration of power.  In New York City the catchphrase is “Merit not Seniority”.  The million dollar question is “Who or what defines merit?”  Considering past evidence, I’d say it would be Mayor […]readmore

View From Here

View From Here: Gentrification

“The Gentrification of Brooklyn: The Pink Elephant Speaks” is the new exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA), and the title makes you wonder what will the elephant say? Because it isn’t just what’s called gentrification that is troubling, after all, communities transition from one ethnic group to another for various reasons. […]readmore