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Black Women Were the Only Ones Who Tried to Save

Black female voters—when they had no real cultural or social obligation to do so—stayed on course with Hillary Clinton in ways where white women coolly abandoned her. By: Charles D. EllisonPosted: November 9, 2016 With dust settling on the biggest political upset in U.S. history, the hazy day after is an atom-bomb-drop mess of circular […]readmore

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There is No Choice: We Must Vote Hillary

View From Here By David Mark Greaves We’re through the “October Surprise” period and we are almost at the end of this “worst of all” election seasons. And the saddest part is the certainty of what is coming next. We know that the aftermath of a Trump victory, the locking in of Supreme Court judges […]readmore

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Third and Final Presidential Debate: Where to watch and what

The final general election presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place Wednesday, October 19th.  The debates start at 9:00pm and will run uninterrupted for 90minutes. The topics to be covered were chosen by the debate Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News and include: Debt and entitlements Immigration Economy Supreme Court Foreign […]readmore