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Descendants of Enslaved Africans Being Forced Off Their Land on

The Gullah-Geechee community off the coast of southern Georgia is appealing tax hikes which they believe may run them off the land their families have owned since slavery ended. Brandon Dixon fishes on Sapelo Island. Courtesy: New York Times Affluent buyers who’ve taken an interest in Sapelo Island (where the Gullah community lives) are driving […]readmore

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Children Learn What They Live – Teaching Afrocentric Values On

By: Aminisha Black The major cultural difference  between  Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism is “we” vs. “I”.  Seeing the world and assessing actions based on what furthers  the goal of the  group  rather than merely agreeing with an individual regardless of their status. Capitalism is the outgrowth of Eurocentric’s individualism.  A few profit from the labor of […]readmore


Treasured Reminders of Our African-American Past

Evidence of lost and forgotten chapters in America and world history merged in the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum last Saturday for an event to remember: The Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture’s  Save Our African-American Treasures: A National Collections Initiative.  Dozens of local residents gathered during five spectacular hours to show off […]readmore

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A Brief History Africans in the Americas

Long time readers of Our Time Press will instantly recognize the figures below from former issues.  However we have acquired thousands of new readers over the years and we thought to start the New Year with excerpts of past issues we call… A Brief History Africans in the Americas Historian John Henrik Clarke was fond […]readmore

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NAACP Raises Alarm Over Growing Cases of AIDS in African-American

Washington- In observance of World AIDS Day, December 1st, the NAACP stands united in the global fight against HIV and AIDS.  The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988 to provide national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS […]readmore

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Response to a Reader

To the Editor: I love the Bedford-Stuyvesant community. My family and I are newcomers and would like for our local politicians to stop using and abusing the words “black community”.  Yes, we know Bed-Stuy is mostly black, but that will not be the case for very long. We wish you would include others like Hispanics, […]readmore

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Asthma Self-Help for African-Americans

Asthma in the African-American child may be caused by things other than what is commonly suggested.  In many African-American homes sometimes we do things that others might not be doing, such as burning incense.  Incense has a flux that comes off like any burning weed or leaf and that might be causing a child to […]readmore