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Building a New Africa With its Soil and People

    The new Africa starts here: how to make the people prosper.  If Africa is to thrive, a revolution in thinking is needed — and it must begin out in the farmers’ fields.       By Wangari Maathai       The Times (London)       June 6, 2009       Not long ago I was in Yaoundé, Cameroon, […]readmore


BSRC 10K Run, October 11, 2009 Race Results

Photo Caption – 10K Champs: Kirt Joseph of Bedford Stuyvesant (center) was the top winner at Restoration’s annual race, last Saturday. He’s flanked here by 2nd to 5th places winners, from left to right: Jesse Horst, 25, a 10th-grade social studies teacher at Wingate H.S.; Gideon Mornix, 37; Manuel Plascincia, 46, and Patrick Stewart, 34, […]readmore